Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get Together!

At long last... i finally find time to go to Manila to meet my former workmates at The Alexandra Condos. (after 4 years! whew!) *big grin*

Loa & Summer

It was past lunch time when we met at SM Megamall, so we decided to eat before heading to TAC. Loa suggested that we eat at sbarro, Summer and I agreed without second thought. *super big grin*... sbarro is where we usually eat after work, we all love pasta & pizza *wink*



I've got a slice of Chicago White Pizza which i shared with Loa since the serving's so big. And of course my personal fave, sbarro's baked zitti with meatballs sauce.

Oh! i guess i was really hungry that time that i forgot to take pictures before we eat!

and now... i am craving for pasta & pizza... *waaaahh*

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