Monday, August 18, 2008


"Smells like Hell but Taste like Heaven"

That's the usual statement you can hear or read when describing this fruit. But for me, Durian smells and taste like heaven. *big grin*

One time when we went to the supermarket, I told my ate that I really love the smell of durian, she said "taga-Davao ka nga! (you're really from Davao)". Well, I grew up here in Batangas. My parents are both Batangueños, it just so happen that I was born in Davao (and I am proud of it as well!). The last time I went to Davao was in 2001, after my college graduation. There I've got the chance to taste durian and I love it!


Durian: Brings out the Davaoeña in me.

When Tatay attended the wedding of my cousin from Davao, he brought home durian seedlings. After about 5 years of waiting, we have our own durian fruit!

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