Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another Ice Cream Treat!

It's just a week ago when I posted about my craving for ice cream and how i miss the "dirty" ice cream being peddled on the streets. Well this afternoon I was able to enjoy dirty ice cream with my nephews and nieces. *big smile*

gohan, gem, micah & jigs

hhmm... they can't decide whether to have the ice cream on cone or plastic cups. So i do make the decision! hahaha... All of them got their ice cream on cup! *big grin* (to avoid ice cream drippings on to their hands and to the floor... *wink*)


Now they're the one to choose whether to have ube or cheese flavor or the combination of both.


This is what I've got for myself... combination of ube & cheese flavor! Yummy!


But I guess... it's eating ice cream with the kids that makes it more luscious!

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