Monday, September 1, 2008


I really thought that in making macapuno desserts, any coconut fruit will do. Well, not until my Tatay told me that I am wrong... *big grin*

He said that by knocking on the nut shell you can identify if it is a regular coconut or a macapuno. For me, it is when opened up that I can tell which is which! *big grin* There is no water on the center of the macapuno nut. The meat is much thicker but is softer than the regular coconut.

This is our macapuno tree, just about 5 meters away from the rambutan tree at the back of our house. *wink* Looks like any other coconut tree right?

And for my Tatay's favorite dessert... sweetened macapuno.


If you get the chance to find macapuno nut, here's how you can make it as a dessert.

Scrape the meat from the macapuno nut. On a casserole, put the scrapped macapuno, sugar,water and 2 pcs. pandan leaves. The amount of sugar and water depends on how sweet & thick you want your dessert to be. Cook until the macapuno turns transparent and its done!
(remove the pandan leaves before serving)

*** Pandan leaves gives a distict taste and aroma on most desserts.

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