Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"Bulungan" is one of the events members of our family gets excited for. Why? This means someone in the family is going to get married! *smiles*

This happens when a couple's family meets to talk about the details of the wedding. Like the date of the wedding, where the wedding and the reception will take place. During the old times, there are may superstitions to follow with regards to the planning of the wedding. Example of that is the wedding day which should fall on when is the full moon. They said that this will bring good luck to the couple. But nowadays, its seems that bulungan is just to formalize what the couple have already decided.

I really don't know why this occasion is called bulungan... bulungan from the Filipino word bulong which means whisper. But the people present there don't really whisper. *big grin*

Here are some pictures during the Bulungan of my cousin Belnuary & her fiance, Jun.


Oh, and another thing I love about Bulungan.... food! *another big grin*

Some of the sweets and "kakanin" served.

suman sa gata

leche flan


... and kalamay

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